Election Fraud

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Donald brings up the election results during a meeting with Congress. Our thoughts on that are: You call a 40% approval rate support? You call losing the popular vote by almost 3 million a mandate? Is this what whitie righties mean by "alternative facts"? Can you give me some of what you are smoking? Why are "alternatives" OK when it comes to facts or the right wing but not OK for lifestyles?

Gerrymandering, the Electoral College, James Comey's remarks at the most inopportune time, not once but twice, Russian's hacking everyones computers (not just the DNC) and altering voting machine results is what I believe gave the election to Trump.

The only way the right wing has won in the past 3 elections, was by messing with the Electoral College vote and district reapportionment. They have not won the popular vote for years. There is no such thing as "The Silent Majority". It's just another "alternative fact" ginned up by right wing fanatics that will lie and say anything to get their own way because they are a bunch of selfish pigs who only care for themselves.

I don't believe Trump really won fairly and that's why he is so concerned with how it is being viewed. He's scared he is going to be found out as the fraud he really is. If the Head of our government says the election was fraudelent how can any of us trust our system again? It needs massive work before the next election. Will Donald do so? Probably not, as this got him elected.

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