Here is an Economics 101 primer how import taxes/duties work:

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It is the IMPORTER who pays the tax. Now on the surface you may think this will mean that, say, an agricultural business in Mexico pays the tax. But that is not the case: That agricultural business is the EXPORTER of the goods. The IMPORTER is the business on OUR side who is bringing the goods into the country. So let's say the local supermarket cannot get product x during a particular season and must import this from Mexico. The supermarket - in America - will be the one who pays the 20% tax! From here, that increase in tax will now cost the American consumer at the store, because, as you should know, capitalism is about providing as much profit to the supermarket as possible. Therfore, not only will we as taxpayers be paying for the building of the wall first out of the government budget, but we will also be paying for the wall a second time because we will be paying higher prices at the supermarket or other businesses who import goods and services from Mexico.

2. If the import tax becomes too probitive for American businesses to pay, as well as for citizens who may stop patronizing businesses where these goods and services are too expensive, one may think that this is then hurting Mexican businesses. However, now Mexico must find other markets to export their goods and services to. Now, pay attention, as this is where Tiny Hands' asinine foreign policy inexperience comes in. Two thing can happen:

1. If American businesses cannot get the goods and services elsewhere, Mexico can now hold America ransom by raising the prices of those goods and services, thereby making those goods and services more expensive for American consumers while Americans are still on the hook for paying the 20% tax. This becomes a win-win for Mexico.

2. If, say, the American market becomes unfriendly to Mexican business, Mexico still wins because they can now trade with, say, the European Union, China, the Middle East, or any other market who also wants to stick it to America. Once that happens, again, since Mexican goods and services are now marketable elsewhere, Mexico can still dictate the price to America, thereby making Mexican goods and services more expensive for Americans while still leaving Americans on the hook to continue paying the 20% tax. Still a win-win for Mexico. They don't pay for the wall AND get to open their business to foreign and potentially hostile market. Americans, on the other hand, get screwed.

Not only will the American people be on the hook for paying for this wall up front, but if you understood how this supposed import tax actually works, you would realize that goods and services - especially food - is going to be taxed on our end! We will be paying higher prices for these goods and services, while Mexico will now be in a position to set its own prices and make better deals for itself with other countries that Little Hands has alienated. We are looking at a major recession within the next two years, probably followed by a depression as well. Good job you brain dead, zombified conservative-reactionary white-supremacist Trump supporters! You have made America much weaker and so much worse!

Cut and Pasted from Facebook post with permission.

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