Trump's Negative Actions

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First day, within hours he signs an Executive Order reversing one of President Obama's that will make obtaining mortgages harder for the poor. It will also add $500 per year to the payments.

Day 2, 1-21-2017 The National Park Service posted aerial photos of President Obama's inauguration crowd vs President Trump's. What followed was the Trump administration instructing all Bureaus to not tweet until instructions Monday.

Day 2, 1-21-2017 Donald Trump stood at the CIA, who he accused of being Nazi's recently and criticized the media. He did not address the previous problems with the CIA. He did not mention the men on the wall behind him our sadness at their loss. He just talked about himself.

Day 2 1-21-2017 Reports from different Canadians of not being about to cross the border to attend the Woman's March on Washington. They were asked if they are pro-Trump or anti-Trump and told the truth. Anti-Trump. They were denied entry into the country.


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